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Saturday, February 6, 2010

favor + dream wedding + random updates

it's getting nearer my oh my oh my. i've made a lot of progress actually, termasuklah mendapatkan my reception dress impian :p it's just i dont really have the time to update things in here since most of the things i do also is diy-ed.i seriously dunno how u girls managed to update your wedding progress regularly.salute ok!

anyway,sneak peak pelis. favor box. but baru je nak tempah hehe sungguh lambat kan?from a very helpful lady from ilikecard
very recommendable. she even offered to post be the sample card upfront before i decide to order.

oh maybe i should make a list of vendors i like, based on their helpfullness/creativity/tak kerek-ness. bear in mind some of them ni very very not famous and some just plainly malas nak update their website haha. but veryyy creative veryyy helpful. ok will do that review one day.

to start with take a look at this fotopages of cahayakad. have no idea we have card designer se creative ni dekat malaysia. ohheproposed is creative and great with printing2 stuff and veryyy helpful too. tq tag nye murah bangat yeeee.

trying to get su from qisdhikraffhic to design my personalised wedding card and wedding bunting. hmm siapa lagi ye yg best oh how can i forget nurularbee :) they have veryyyy affordable pelamin.since im not gonna have renjis2 just pelamin for picture taking purposes,heyy she's really great.booked her both for my solemnization & reception.

banyak lagi yang sungguh la creative not to mention baik hati menolong dengan baik sekali. perhaps i will update after my wedding hehe.


  1. dear, i luv qisdhi n ilikecard too.
    planning to amik diorang jugak! =)

    btw, nice meeting ur blog. byk info. i like! hehe.

  2. oh good luck babe!!! u took lynda rahim? i heard some bad reviews pasal die..was she good then? let me know!!!


  3. gud luck for the preparation ..teringat masa i wat preparation wedding ..Linda Rahim naper ek???