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Monday, December 28, 2009

[ reception dress]

ok this is love at first sight. but you must be THIN to carry this look. this one from lynda rahim. super nice :)

[ pelamin ]

cantik dan lain dan berbeza dan ....MAHAL kot.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

[ more silhoutte - cake ]

sigh.tolong im totally in love.

gonna ask intan whether she can customised this for me.yeah,im trusting all the people AROUND me to help me preparing for my weds :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

[ duit hantaran + barang2 hantaran ]

ok this is the adat part.and at first,we decided not to have the dulang2 and not to disclose hantaran amount untuk tidak mendatangkan rasa ingin bermegah2/riak/membazir and all. tapi hati dan kehendak ibu bapa perlu di jaga juga bukan? so we opt for the minimum 5 berbalas 7.

* him to me *
1. kasut - bought @ raoul
2. handbag + purse - purse bought @ mulberry. handbag STILL SAVING FOR IT :p
3. telekung/sejadah - bought @ jakarta
4. ring + sirih junjung
5. parfum set - cousin sponsored :D

* me to him *
1. kasut - bought at adidas.oh yes we buy what we gonna wear/use :D
2. ps3
3. his football team's new jersey - tempahing.
4. parfum set - cousin sponsored :D
5. ring + wallet
6. sirih junjung
7. cake/fruits

im gonna use the dulang that i already have & do the hantaran deco myself,obviously :)

with regards to "duit hantaran",we still plan not to disclose it but for the last few nikah ceremony i/we have attended,the tok kadi actually tanya bout the amount before the nikahkan the bride & groom.

anyone else actually plan not to disclose the amount? can we actually do it sebenarnya? and how to "kawtim" dengan tok kadi not to ask eh? hehe

[ obsession : chiavari chairs ]

if only i can afford something like this...

or this...

oh super duper loveee!!! both pics from : khareyan events

there's also this place named "laman" at sg penchala area, the package includes this chiavari chairs people! :D i think this place is ok for 300-500 pax (my initial plan),but after thinking it through and discussing with parents and considering the request from the guy's side of more allocation for them,i need slightly more pax than that ,so have to cut off this place from my list sobs sobs cause it might cause a hole in my pocket hehe.great thing bout this place is they don't have the "day rate & night rate" thingy,and hey actually it is quite affordable,just not to ME.

so now my best bet to have the lovely chair is during my nikah ceremony (smaller pax : 200 pax) or just for meja makan beradap (berhadap?) during reception.

[ super duper *love* ]

super love silhouette design for weddings. ahhhhh tersangat lah suka. guess can only apply this for cards and thank you tag. wish me luck yeah,as customized card punya price is super expensive and not many supplier + vendor can provide this design.

[ theme color ]

to be frank,whenever people ask me "so what is your theme color?" i would go blank. i know that i want to wear white for both nikah and reception.that's it! i dunno much bout theme color hehe.

but i guess i must come out with something since everyone keep on asking me the same question.and it's getting difficult day by day to buy things,to plan for things.and to BOOK things.hehe.

so here goes...

for nikah : light (mint) green + baby pink

for reception : light (mint) green + tiffany blue.

[ the date ]

09 april 10 -- solemnization
10 april 10 -- reception

insyaAllah.moga dipermudahkan :)